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Standby Applications and Natural Gas Generators Mesa Solutions understands having power is of the utmost importance when it comes to running our daily lives. Customers often ask us a very relevant question, “Do natural gas generators work for back-up power, or stand by applications?” At Mesa, we answer this question frequently, so we thought you […]

Mesa Solutions aims to create a more informed customer. This article is directed at giving you a larger more comprehensive grasp on the the four domains of site power generation and utilization. After working in this industry so closely with a team comprised of many with a deep understanding of these products, we are able […]

Mesa Solutions understands the ins and outs of all the power generation options in our industry. It is this experience that allows Mesa to work through the variables relative to power generation options and create a system that works the best to meet the needs of our customers. Serving our customers is of the utmost […]

Mesa Solutions understands that to know where things are going, we must know where things have been. Mesa Solutions cares about history, place, roots. Driving our work at this point is a compilation of all that have come before us, building upon hard work that has already been done. This article is aimed at giving […]

  Mesa Natural Gas Solutions has a goal of building and maintaining the best professional relations in our industry. Part of completing this goal is having an honest transparent, reliable relationship with our customers. In order to do this we see great value in creating a more informed consumer. Electrical Submersible Pump Systems (ESP) can […]

  Generator Delivery is an ever-present variable in our industry. Much like ordering something from Amazon, it should be easy for the consumer. At Mesa Natural Gas Solutions our number one priority is the customer, whether you’re in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, or anywhere else. Our 95% run time guarantee and best-in-class service sets us apart from […]

One of the most elusive subjects in power systems is the concept of “harmonics.” Harmonics in Power Systems is an area where consumers often have no idea it is an item that impacts their ability to do business. While most people involved in electrical work generally know harmonics can cause problems, the work of tracking […]

How Are Engines De-rated? A Review of Basic Factors and Formulas Understanding de-rating a natural gas generator is a key component when it comes to employing of this type of unit at your work site. Many customers ask us, “What does De-Rating an engine mean?” Or “How Does De-rating a Generator Work?” Understanding this particular […]

Comparing and Contrasting: Aggreko vs. Kohler Generators   Since you’ve been learning about engines and doing your research (which we appreciate), you have no doubt run across some big marketers in generator application, Aggreko and Kohler. You may have learned a little bit about what they do, this leads to the very obvious question of […]

We get calls every day asking if natural gas generators will work in extremely cold or extremely hot temperatures. Given the wide range of differences that exist in the oil and gas plays globally, our units are tried, tested and proven in the major production fields around the world. “Do Natural Gas Generators Work in […]

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