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8L Naturally Aspirated Natural Gas Generator

The 8L Naturally Aspirated engine is a U.S. EPA-certified natural gas and propane power unit developed from the block up to be reliable and durable. Built upon a proven   marine-grade block, the 6-cylinder inline features replaceable dry liners and water-cooled exhaust.

Superior engine performance is driven by an engine control unit that integrates and coordinates all critical functions including: Governor, Variable Ignition Timing, Air Fuel Ratio Control, Knock Suppression and Engine Protection.


  • U.S. EPA-Certified and CARB-Compliant, Industrial Stationary

  • 50 C Ambient Cooling Capacity

  • UL2200-Compliant or Listed Components

BTU Limitations & Requirements

 Mesa generators can run off gas ranging from

 750 BTUs to 2,500 BTUs.

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Generation 2 Enhancements

  • Enhancements for prime & continuous power

  • Dual fuel auto switch-over

  • Brushless alternators

  • Serpentine, self-tensioning fan belt

  • Advanced diagnostics for improved up-time


 Each unit is equipped with remote monitoring

 designed to give you real-time updates via the 

 Internet or smart phone, and all generators are

 backed by Mesa’s commitment to customer 

 satisfaction and service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a


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8L Naturally Aspirated Natural Gas Generator Specifications

Guaranteed 24/7 Prime Power kW (kVA)             70 kW at 0.8PF (87.5 kVA)

Full Load Current                                                     119A

Fuel Usage (field gas)                                               9 Mcf/day at 50%, 13 Mcf/day at 80%

Fuel Usage (propane)                                              144 gal/day at 50%, 206 gal/day at 80%

Size of Unit                                                                14’ x 7’

Weight of Unit                                                           6,620 lbs

MNGS is a Portfolio Company of BP Energy Partners

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Reliability matters in the arduous and ever changing

conditions of America’s oil and gas fields. We know

how important remote power is to your operations.