170kW Natural Gas Generator

General Specs

Physical Specs (Trailer Mounted)

LENGTH (FT)                                                     22' 5" 

WIDTH (FT)                                                       7' 1"  

HEIGHT (FT)                                                      9' 3"

WEIGHT (LBS)                                                   10,760


RATING                                                         170 kW

24/7 Primer Power Rating kVa                         213 kVa

Nameplate HP                                                      268

Full Load Current                                            305A

Fuel Usage (field gas)                20 Mcf/day at 50%, 30 Mcf/day at 80%

Fuel Usage (Propane)                324 gal/day at 50%, 488 gal/day at 80% 



  • Multi-voltage capable with integrated voltage selector switch

  • Coolant pre-heater enables quick engine startup and load acceptance

  • Fully customizable enclosure for any custom color scheme and logo

  • Anti-condensation heater built into the alternator

  • Capable of running on pipeline natural gas, LNG, CNG or liquid propane to offer unparalleled flexibility and meet any customer’s specific needs

  • Significant emissions reduction over diesel gensets allows for continuous and standby use in heavily populated areas with strict standards

  • Near uninterruptable fuel supply in emergency events when connected to pipeline natural gas; cost reductions and increased run time vs. diesel

The 11L turbocharged engine is a U.S. EPA-certified natural gas and propane powered unit developed from the engine block up to be reliable, durable, and efficient.


Built upon a proven marine-grade block, the 6-cylinder inline
features replaceable dry liners and water-cooled exhaust and hardened valve seats. Superior engine performance is driven by an engine control unit integrating and coordinating all critical functions.

11L Turbo Charged Generator Set

MNGS is a Portfolio Company of BP Energy Partners

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