Distribution Trailer


Physical Specs

LENGTH (FT)                                                      8' 

WIDTH (FT)                                                        4' 

HEIGHT (FT)                                                       4'

WEIGHT (LBS)                                                    


Parallel Capability                                          2-4 generators

4 Conductors                                                   300-800MCM/each

8 Conductors                                                   2AWG-600MCM/each



  • Individual generator disconnects with quick connect ends allowing generators to be quickly and easily swapped 

  • Available from 800amp to 3600amp, allowing Mesa to cater to your exact power needs

  • Distribution trailers allow Mesa technicians to service generators while preventing unwanted downtime

  • Trailer mounted for easy transport and all weather stability

  • 2 to 6 generators parallel capability on one common bus

  • Synchronized/parallel operation of multiple Mesa units is enabled through the use of a comprehensive onboard electrical control system. While in parallel mode, required maintenance to individual units can be performed with no outage to customer load. 

MNGS is a Portfolio Company of BP Energy Partners

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