Environmental Responsibility

Environmental responsibility is a core tenet of Mesa’s business model. Mesa’s generators run on natural gas, the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Natural gas emits almost 30% less CO2 during combustion than diesel and Mesa’s natural gas generators emit 85% less VOC, 96% less NOx and 95% less CO than comparable diesel gensets on the market today. Since its founding in 2014, Mesa has reduced an estimated 21,739 metric tons of regulated emissions and 789,566 metric tons of carbon emissions vs. Tier-4 diesel, the strictest standard of diesel-powered generation.


Beyond replacing diesel with a cleaner source of power, Mesa is also playing a key role in the energy transition. As the world makes a shift to renewable energy, a new set of challenges arise. Solar and wind are intermittent sources of power generation. Clear skies and the strength of the wind don’t always match human demand, creating a need for reliable base load and peaking power. Natural gas is playing an increasingly important role in this regard as a bridge fuel to a carbon-neutral future. Whether for a private microgrid or national transmission system, Mesa’s natural gas generators can be integrated seamlessly with solar and wind resources to supplement their generation and provide a reliable, emissions-reducing solution.



MNGS is a Portfolio Company of BP Energy Partners

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