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Microgrid Powered by Associated Gas

Developing a microgrid to provide a resilient and reliable power source that utilizes associated natural gas as an on-site fuel source

A leading oil and natural gas company in West Texas had a large power need for 15 electronic submersible pumps (ESP) that would need to capitalize on the excess associated gas being produced on the site. This gas could not be taken to market because of a lack on infrastructure and might have otherwise been flared off, resulting in an increase of emissions at the site. By utilizing the associated gas as a fuel source, emissions would be considerably lower than if the gas was flared off at the wellhead. Mesa assessed, planned, and engineered a microgrid design that would provide an extremely resilient and redundant power source for the customer in need.

Mesa promptly placed 11 of our 350kW generators on the site, paralleled together, to provide 3.8 MW of power. The site was accurately sized to provide enough power for the 15 ESPs, and built in redundancy provides the customer with close to no downtime. If our technicians need to perform a scheduled maintenance, a unit can be swapped out without the site losing power. By using Mesa generators, the company was able to save a considerable amount of capital instead of paying for construction and maintenance of line power to the remote site. Our customers also have to consider that the electrical load of a large site may change with time; Mesa’s on-site power solution makes it easy to increase or decrease power at the site by simply adding or removing generators when needed, so the operator will only pay for what they need. By providing this microgrid, Mesa helped the customer save money, lower emissions, utilize a valuable resource at the site, and was able to maintain near 100% uptime.


MNGS is a Portfolio Company of BP Energy Partners

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