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Well-head Gas: Where Natural Gas Generators Get Power

“Where do Natural Gas Generators Powered off of Well-head Gas Get Their Fuel?”

By this point in your investigation into natural gas generators you may be wondering: How are Mesa natural gas generators able to be powered off of natural gas? Since we are an emerging technology, this is a logical question, and our process is relatively simple to explain. You may have gathered that our technology is unique because we use an already existing resource (Well-Head Gas) without having to pull in other methods, such as diesel or line power, to run our product. There are two ways you can replace the demand for diesel fuel and have your generator running directly off of already existing wellhead gas. This article will inform you about where our fuel comes from and how we turn Well-Head Gas into dollar amount savings, while at the same time lowering the emissions of a well site.

Refinery fire gas torch

Sweet gas, flow, distribution lines

Whether or not you are producing sweet gas will determine if your gas needs to be run through a nearby facility for separation, and then back to your wellhead. Well-Head  Gas coming from downhole will flow through a distribution line to a facility where it is processed. It then flows back to your wellhead, which will generate power for your pump-jack. If your wellhead is producing sweet gas, and you have no need for separation, you are able to generate power directly on your pad without traveling to a facility.  Running your gas straight off casing can increase the risk of sucking up fluid or producing more wet gas (water, crude, etc.) than desired. Depending on how wet the gas is, or how much moisture there is, will determine whether or not you need to scrub liquid out.

Safe, effective handling of wellhead gas, H2S, flow valves

Mesa Solutions provides options to help ensure your wellhead gas is being handled safely and cost effectively.  An H2S scrubber can be necessary if gas is too sour for production and power generation.  We have a system that can take your H2S to 0 before entering our generators, which ensures longevity for these engines and your production. Our scrubbing system runs off of a pneumatic flow and requires just 3psi to keep the flow valves open. With this pressure provided from the distribution line, the scrubbing system operates without the customer having to monitor it.

Working as a team, for you: Fuel Use Data Link 

There is nobody in our industry working as hard as Mesa Solutions to inform our customers. We hope you see the benefit in being informed about Well-Head Gas as a power source. It is our mission to make sure our product lives up to its name, and we have data and explanations to back up our word. For data on fuel use/emissions, click here. We believe building transparency into our operations will better serve the customer in the long-term, and we hope this article has explained some of the “how” questions regarding our product as it relates to Well-Head Gas. Mesa is a growing company just like you are; Let’s to grow together.


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