Procurement Specialist 

Casper, WY


Main Purpose:


Oversee and manage the purchasing of equipment, materials, and products for manufacturing division of Mesa.  This candidate should have excellent computer and multi-tasking skills, and be able/willing to adapt to a multitude of different situations.


Bill of Material (BOM) Management:

  • Associate will maintain and update current status of the BOM, capturing part changes as well as additions and subtractions.

  • Will be responsible for creating BOM revisions and maintaining BOM history.

  • Must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with production chief and accounting on all BOM updates and changes.

  • Will be responsible for quick reaction to production shortage; investigate reason for shortage, find solution to identified problem.

  • Must be able to identify when BOM changes take affect; effectively communicate and record S/N breaks for part changes.

  • Must be able to work through problems with minimal assistance, will work to find solutions to problems to avoid future complication. 


Purchasing and Managing Inventory:​

  • The procurement specialist will oversee the maintenance and growth of Mesa’s production inventory. 

  • Create and place purchase orders with the appropriate vendors and track them; ensure that the supplies arrive in a timely fashion as not to affect the flow of production.

  • Identify when supplies are running low, place orders to replenish stock to try and eliminate shortages before they occur. 

  • Will be responsible for quick reaction to production shortage; investigate reason for shortage, find solutions to identified problems.

  • Must be able to forecast off of production schedule to plan for up-coming builds.

  • Associate must be able to negotiate with vendors and suppliers. He or she will work with other companies to find the lowest possible prices while maintaining quality products and service.

  • Identify and solve problems with stock with minimal guidance.

Production Line Maintenance:

  • Associate will be responsible for walking both production lines, maintaining healthy stock levels to identify shortages and avoid production down time.

  • Must be able to move with purpose, will need to pro-actively seek out shortages before they occur.

  • Will proactively work with production chief to identify areas to improve efficiency with stocking and maintaining the production lines.

Record Keeping:

  • Must be well organized, keeps records of all pertinent information. 

  • Be able to keep pristine records of all credit card transactions and code to various accounts accurately and consistently.


  • Procurement – Associate must be able to prioritize and follow the Mesa Procurement SOP when purchasing for the production side of Mesa. The following duties are required, as well as other duties as assigned:​

  • Identify needs of the manufacturing, running errands, keeping organized work areas, all while purchasing goods that may be required to complete a task.

  • Receiving product with a high degree of accuracy, receiving in all inventory items into the system as they arrive daily.  Act as a support role for the technicians and operations at headquarters where needed.  

  • Stocking product in stock locations, keeping a clean and organized work space for all.  All inventory item locations should be labeled and easily accessible to ensure the correct parts are readily available.   

  • Organizing shelves, yard, trucks, and shop to provide easy access to parts and other items required to complete the mission at hand. Communicate any discrepancies in inventory quickly and accurately with appropriate contact at headquarters. 

  • Act as a contact for vendors and employees alike that can be heavily relied upon.  Individual must have a high degree of detail and be able to multi-task. 

  • Act as the main point of contact for all   inventory / accounting / operations related issues that may arise.  Must be able to solve problems with inventory and procurement using any available resource. 

  • Work open order report as to ensure product is being sent and received accurately. Ensure items arrive before, or when needed to help eliminate expedited shipping cost.

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