Inventory Specialist 

Casper, WY


Main Purpose:


Oversee and manage the stock of items needed for a consistent flow of production for manufacturing division of Mesa.  This candidate should have excellent multi-tasking skills and be able/willing to adapt to a multitude of different situations.


Production Line Maintenance:

  • Associate will be responsible for stocking production lines, maintaining healthy stock levels and help to identify shortages and avoid production down time.

  • Must be able to move with purpose, will need to pro-actively seek out shortages before they occur.

  • Will proactively work with production chief to identify areas to improve efficiency with stocking and maintaining the production lines.

  • Will keep inventory areas clean and labeled, ensuring that the correct items are stocked into their correct locations.

  • Help maintain inventory in warehouse to ensure a well-organized and safe work space.


Managing Inventory:​

  • Identify when supplies are running low, effectively communicate need to replenish stock with production procurement specialist.

  • Will be responsible for quick reaction to production shortage; investigate reason for shortage, find solutions and communicate with procurement specialist.

  • Associate must be able to lift 40+ pounds and be able to stay on their feet for 75 to 80% of the work day.

  • Identify and solve problems with stock with minimal guidance.

  • Forklift experience is preferred but not necessary.

  • Handles other duties as assigned.

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