Mesa Technician Training Program



Mesa Natural Gas Solutions prides itself on the unwavering quality of service our Generator 

Technicians provide our customers. Mesa implements a training program to develop technician expertise. Upon being hired, all prospective generator technicians travel to our training facilities around the United States to undergo an intensive two-week training program. This program identifies levels of job performance expectation, and guides the generator technician in career development. This program lays out minimum standards, tasks, responsibilities and duties expected at each level so that generator technicians can measure and pursue their technical and personal growth within the organization. At the end of this program, the technician will be able to offer improved service quality to the customer, will minimize unnecessary expense due to generator down time and will develop characteristics that allow them to perform as a top tier professional. 

Following the training program, the generator technician will travel to the field location they will be working out of. They will then begin a minimum two-week ride-along training and evaluation and, once deemed proficient by their Basin Lead, will begin working independently. Going forward, the generator technicians are then constantly evaluated, trained and refreshed on company policies throughout their career.

MNGS is a Portfolio Company of BP Energy Partners

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